NATURE news featured our project! “Iceland drilling project aims to unearth how islands form”. (Language: English)






In this Radio New Zealand interview (with Wallace Chapman) from the Palsbaer Hut on Surtsey, Marie Jackson describes the role of the drilling project at Surtsey Volcano in developing our understanding of the growth of mineral cements in very young basalt, ancient Roman concretes, and future environmentally sustainable concretes. Photograph by Pauline Bergsten. (Language: English)




The American Ceramic society writes about parallels between the chemical environments in Surtsey basalt and Roman marine concrete. Both grow mineral cements in the seawater environment. (Language: English)




RÚV, an Icelandic governmental news source,  reported both on the beginning of drilling operations in Surstey and on the involvement of Coast Guard ships and helicopters in the drilling project. (Language: Icelandic)



This article by Visir is titled “New flying insect found on Surtsey.” For 50 years, biologists have been studying the colonization and succession of plants and wildlife on Surtsey. New drill cores from Surtsey will complement these studies through investigations of microbial colonization and succession in basalt. (Language: Icelandic)






The Smithsonian visited Surtsey on August 21, 2017 to film a segment for the documentary “Life on Earth”. An excerpt of the filming can be found here, while the full episode can be viewed here through the ParamountPlus platform.