The Submarine Volcanic Activity and Associated Hazard: Recent and Ancient Perspectives provided the first forum for the presentation of results from the Surtsey 2017 drilling expedition.

In total 7  students and post-docs presented talks and posters that were prepared in collaboration with 8 professors. These talks and posters represented scientific research from institutions in Australia, Iceland, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States.

List of Abstracts


Surtsey after 50 years: Time lapse palagonitization within a young seawater-dominated hydrothermal system

Presented by Simon Prause



Rapid evolution of material characteristics in subaerial and submarine basaltic tuff 50 years after eruption, Surtsey volcano, Iceland

Presented by Marie Jackson



Fifty Year Evolution of Thermal Manifestations at Surtsey Volcano, 1968 – 2018

Presented by Velveth Perez



The thermal history of Surtsey, explored using HYDROTHERM numerical simulations

Presented by Hannah Reynolds



Onset and early evolution of submarine-to-emergent explosive activity during the Surtsey eruptions, Iceland, 1963-1967

Presented by Sarah Sayadi



The Surtsey 1963 eruption plume, characteristics and tephra dispersal

Presented by Einar Sindri Ólafsson



Design and implementation of a submarine borehole observatory at Surtsey Volcano, Iceland

Presented by Andreas Türke



The Lithology of the 2017 Surtsey Volcano Drill Cores

Presented by Carolyn Gorny

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